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Struggling with a burner on your stove that won't light anymore? Or perhaps your oven is acting up and won't heat properly. When you require stove repairs, count on the experts at Mike's Appliance Service to help.

In San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas, Mike's Appliance Service is the name to trust in stove repairs. At Mike's Appliance Service, our handy and knowledgeable staff will help you get your stove back up and working as soon as possible so that you can continue with your daily activities. We understand that it's frustrating to deal with a stove that's not working properly. You can't cook or go about your routine as normal, costing you time and stress. However, with the help of our staff, you can count on having your stove back in action very soon.

At Mike's Appliance Service, our staff are familiar with a range of brands and types of stoves. Whether you have an electric stove, gas stove or a flat top range, Mike's Appliance Service knows how to help solve the problem so that your stove works again properly. We work with all major brands including LG, Frigidaire, Kitchen Aid, GE, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool and more. We specialize in gas stove repair.

Our staff are all carefully selected for their experience and qualifications. Once you've called us to get on the job, we'll arrive quickly and offer a diagnosis of the problem. Then, we'll offer an estimate for the remaining work to be done and source any parts that will be needed. With your approval, we'll then get to work completing the repairs so that your stove functions perfectly once again.

Call Mike's Appliance Service today to discuss your gas stove repair needs! We'll sort out a time to come and visit you soon to solve the problem so that you can use your stove again as normal. Our gas stove repair is sure to appease any client. Call Mike's Appliance Service for quick, reliable services today! We look forward to serving you.